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Wix Website Facebook Share Image

Did you know that you can setup the image that shows in Facebook when you share your Wix website's link?

Size is important: Facebook recommends sizing your share image at 1200 X 628 pixels. It's best to use a nice wide image or screenshot of your website.

Also, if you have already shared the link – Facebook "caches" the share image, so if you update the image, you should submit your site URL in Facebook's debugger so that it will update the image. I've noticed that this sometimes takes 15 minutes or so before debugging the link will actually update after changing the image in Wix.

To find where this is located, go into your Wix Editor, then click on "Site" in the top menu.

Site > Site Manager > Social.

See steps below:

As you can see, you can also setup your Facebook Username here as well. I am adding mine now!