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Wix Designer Tip: Adding Blog Posts

Just had a client ask how she could add a new post to her blog on the new website I designed for her, so I thought I'd post this quick Wix designer tip:

Adding a new post is simple, go to your Wix Website Editor (login, click on Edit Site), then: 1. Click on the "Pages:" drop down menu in the top left of the editor, choose your Blog page 2. On your Blog page, click on the blog posts and a blue select box will appear around the posts, click on either of the buttons "Add New Post" or "Manage Posts" to edit existing posts. 3. Add images, galleries, or video plus your title and copy to the post as desired, and publish.

Tip: If you want to schedule a post in advance, you can adjust the Date or "Schedule Post" using a calendar to schedule your post to appear on a later date. This allows you to write several posts at once, and then schedule them to appear over a week/month period.

See screenshots below for reference: