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Custom Wix Website Design - Better than Wordpress!


I've been a Website Designer for the past 14 years, and in that time I've worked in Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, ExpressionEngine, Volusion and many other Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites. When I discovered that Wix, formerly a Flash-based CMS, had completed updates it's platform to HTML5, I gave it a go. And boy was I amazed! In all the years of being a Website Designer, I have NEVER found a more friendly, easy to use, and fully customizable platform that allows me to design freely without having to involve a ton of development time building out the working site. I can design in Photoshop, then simply build out the client-approved designs in Wix.

Wordpress, while a powerful platform, is very troublesome for most of my clients who've worked with it. Common complaints include: the lack of ease in editing or making changes to the design; Wordpress files getting hacked or corrupted; and constant difficulty finding where to edit sidebar widgets, or other content in the Wordpress editor backend. Wordpress also has to be updated constantly, with new versions releasing often to cure security issues, if you get behind in your updates, your site is at risk for the hackers out there! And updating isn't easy, it is advised you backup your database, files and theme before upgrading, as often the upgrade can "break" your site, disabling customized themes or plugins and causing a major headache for the business and the webmaster!

Wordpress requires that you are well-trained in where to make edits, and also that you edit it often so that you can remember all the steps to edit! Wix, on the other hand, is as easy as cake to edit, you simply navigate through the pages of your site, and click on the item you want to edit, then edit it right on the spot and save or publish your changes instantly. No hoops to jump through! And, because it is a hosted system, you don't need to worry about updating the website software – ever.

I have put several clients on Wix so far, and haven't had one complaint with the system. All of my Wix Website Design clients are super excited about their Wix platform, as it is so easy to edit, add pages, change slideshows, colors, etc with Wix's amazing website builder editing tools.

When I first start working with a client, I will talk with them to find out what they need in their website, find out what type of look and feel they are going for, and then I custom design website concepts to present. The client then gives me feedback on what they like (or don't like), and we work together to finalize the overall Wix website design. Once approved, I continue to work with the client to get all the content desired for their subpages, and then design each subpage, flowing in content, adding graphics, icons, images and illustrations as needed. The client then can give me final feedback on finalizing all the content and design, and we prepare for launch, where I perform SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on all the pages to best optimize them for search engines like Google. When 100% ready, I will launch the new Wix website, adding 301 Redirects if the client has an existing site (so that Google knows where to find the new Wix pages), and submitting the Sitemap to Google and Bing for fastest indexing.

My next step is personalized Wix training – I will spend as much time as needed with clients to show them how easy it is to edit their new Wix website.

Give me a call today at 720.260.3541 if you are interested in a custom Wix Website Design. I'm easy to work with, and am available during business hours (M-F 9-6pm).


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