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Wix Designer

Need Help with your Wix Website?

As a Denver website designer,  I love designing Wix website for clients. I also work in a lot of other platforms such as Wordpress and Shopify, so I can recommend which platform is best for your specific needs.

Need help with Wix website design?
Need a custom Wix template designed? 

Then you've come to the right place. I work regularly with people and businesses of all types who have started a Wix website, but would like help polishing the website and giving it a more professional design. I can help you with your Wix web design, branding and logos, color selection, font selection, and even print design such as business cards, mailers, posters or brochures. 

I also design custom Wix website templates,  or I can also modify an existing template to improve it and add your business logo, photos, fonts and colors. 

If you're looking to work with a friendly, reliable designer, I am happy to talk to you about your needs and give you a free Wix website design estimate or a quote on any design needs.

Need help with Wix SEO?

If you want to improve your Wix website's SEO, I am also your SEO Hero. I can setup your webpages with SEO page titles, alternative image tags, meta descriptions and keywords. I can also help you identify what keywords you should optimize for by researching what people are searching related to your business. Once we determine the best keywords to focus on,  I will work on your website to get it fully optimized for the best SEO, and I can also consult with  you on how to continue writing blog posts, page content and add images that will help with ongoing SEO for your website.

Need Wix support?

As a professional Wix Web Designer, I have worked on a lot of Wix websites over the years, and I know lots of tips and tricks to make your Wix website better. If you're having problems with your Wix mobile layout, or if you have trouble with spacing or layout of your wix website, I'm happy to help! I can work on the design of your website to polish all the pages, fix any functionality, add forms and galleries, and setup your domain name, emails, and launch the website. 

Need Wix training? 

Once I've completed your Wix website design, I can help train you on how you can easily edit your website, such as posting blogs, adding or editing pages, adding photos to galleries, and so much more. I know lots of tricks to make editing your website easier (see my blog for my ongoing posts about Wix web design tips

So what are you waiting for?

If you're struggling with Wix, and want to work with a reliable professional Wix designer, please reach out to me for a free quote. 

Success! Message received.

View some of my recent Wix Website Design projects below. See my full Wix Web Design portfolio here » 
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Denver Website Designer for Restaurant Mangy Moose
Denver Website Designer for Agency
Denver Website Design for Yoga Instructor
Denver Website Designer for Restaurant Mangy Moose
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