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Wix Designer Tips

Wix Customer Support

Looking to get in touch with Wix's Customer Support team? They no longer take calls directly, but it's easy to schedule a call-back from a Wix tech support. If during business hours, they usually will call within 5-10 minutes, and are always super-helpful and friendly to work with.


1. To Post a ticket or Schedule a Call-Back from Wix Support, visit:


2. Email


3. Call 1-800-6000-WIX (949) – however, this seems to only have a message now that directs you to the above Contact page link. It seems you will need to schedule a call back now from Wix or post a ticket. The schedule a call-back feature seems to work well, they call within minutes once you schedule the call, so no worries! 

Need Pro Wix Design Help?
While I don't work directly for Wix, I am a full-time website designer and graphic designer, and I know Wix inside-and-out so I am happy to help you with your website design needs. Just reach out via my form and I can give you a free estimate for my services. Thanks!

Have a Wix question, and want more personal support, design services or SEO help from a Denver Wix designer? Contact me below:

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