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Wix Rollover Image – The Hover Box is here.

Wix Rollover Image

As an expert Wix Website Designer, I, along with my fellow Wix experts, have LONG been anticipating the glorious Wix Hover Box – which is essentially rollover button feature for Wix websites. If you've been missing hover effects in Wix, the Hoverbox is the tool for you! This tool basically is a wix rollover image with unlimited possibilities! See my examples of the Wix Hover Box »

Here's a quick video on where to find the Wix Hover Box and how to use it:

You can design rollover buttons that have an image and text on regular instance, and when rolled over with the mouse cursor, you can have it change to a video with sound, or an animation, or even play a song! If you use sound on these Hoverboxes, make sure that people are expecting it – I can't tell you how startling it is to have buttons on a website that makes some sound