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Wix Payment Forms - testing without fees!

As an expert Wix Web Designer, I like to share helpful information to make designing in Wix easier. If you are using Wix forms to accept payments using a processor such as Wix Payments, Square, Paypal or others, and you are testing the form, you definitely don't want to have to pay fees every time you test the form! Some of the payment processors will allow you to put it in test mode, but I was just testing one of my client forms that uses Square for the payment processor and there was not a way to test out the Wix Payment Forms without submitting an actual credit card to be charged. I was having to test multiple times as I was having some issues with the Wix Automations not getting through (see my related post: Wix Email Automations not getting Received (bouncing) –  so I had to keep testing the payment form. One of the things I very much dislike about our current corrupt world is that PayPal, Square and most other payment processors now STILL charge you fees even if you refund a payment. So testing the form was costing money (Square has a minimum of a 50 cents charge, so we had to pay roughly 30 cents on every test!). This is a new layer of corruption, as payment processors used to refund fees if you refunded payments, but unfortunately, this is no more (we do need to rebel against this corrupt practice, payment processors are making huge amounts of money and this is wrong that they charge people fees even if the charge is refunded - this is in the same vein of corruption that big banks like US Bank, Chase and others to pay us .01% interest on our savings accounts). We have such a corrupt system! But anyway, I digress...

Luckily, I spoke with a genius, Vini at Wix support, and he suggested a perfect solution – since we didn't want to "disconnect" Square to do the testing as then you have to reconnect it, he suggested that what we could do was to add a Manual Payment option to the form so that we could bypass the payment to do the tests. Genius! You can still keep the payment processor, and simply add a Manual Payment option to the form (choose Cash payment, for example), and add that to any Wix Form that takes payments so that you can test the form without any corrupt fees to do so. Note, you do have to add some text to the "Let your customers know how to pay" field in the Manual Payment setup, then you can connect the manual payment option to your Wix payment forms. See below:

Here is what it looks like on the front end:

Once you're done testing the form, then you can disconnect the Manual Payments and retain your current payment processor.

Simple solution!

Happy Wixing!


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