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Wix Email Automations not getting Received (bouncing)

As a professional Wix Designer, I run into issues that I like to share with everyone when I finally get a resolution for the problem. Recently I designed a website with a simple payment form for a client that I setup an Automation for that would trigger an email to get sent out to the user who submitted the form. However, the emails were getting triggered but they never came into the test emails I had setup. I had multiple calls with Wix support and no one could help me figure it out until I spoke with Vini at Wix today (Thanks Vini! He was the first Wix support person to actually give me a real answer that fixed the issue!)

Vini from Wix said that I needed to change my email type. He recommended I change the "Email Type" in the Automation email settings to be "Business critical" as I thought perhaps it was getting caught by spam as it was set to a "Promotional" email type.

Well, apparently, you should NEVER mark your Email Type as  "Business critical" because according to Wix, this sends your email with a big red flag to email servers, and many email servers like gmail will bounce these emails right back. They wont' even show up in spam folders. So, my advice to you is that if you are using Wix Automations to trigger an automated email, to select "Promotional" as that will not be flagged as potential spam and is much less likely to bounce.

That said, if you are still not receiving Automated emails but you can see that the email automations are getting triggered, it could be that the email that is not receiving the automated emails is flagged as "Bounced" on Wix's end. How do you know if Wix's emails are bouncing back when sent to an email address? To check to see if this is the case, go to your "Contacts" in your Wix Dashboard, search for the email in question, and view it to see if it has been marked as Bounced. If it has, you will need to do two things:

  1. Whitelist "" with your email provider/service

  2. Reach out to Wix Support to have them un-flag the email that has been flagged as bounced: After you have whitelisted the "" in your email settings, then you can reach out to Wix's Forms support to have them remove the "bounced" flag from the email address that is not receiving emails from Wix. Can you call Wix Support? No, but you can schedule a call back: To talk to Wix support, you have to schedule a call back with them through the Help area of your Wix Dashboard, since they don't have a direct number to call. You can chat with them or schedule a call-back, although I have had much better luck talking to Wix support than using their chat support, which seems to provide mostly canned responses that do not fix the issue. So I always schedule a call back from their support, they usually call in a few minutes from an 800 number and all of their phone support has been very helpful and much more effective for solving hard-to-figure-out Wix bugs or problems. To get to the department that handles emails/automations/forms, choose "Wix Forms" to get to the right department.

Happy Wixing!


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