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SEO Hero Winner

SEO Hero Winner

I'm very proud that my SEO Hero Blog,, was in the running for the Wix SEO Hero contest – it was in the top 20, but was not the winner – though it did get a great mention from Wix! Currently the announced winner (barring no disqualifications) is

But I feel like the true winner – this website,, was at the VERY TOP OF GOOGLE for several days after the contest in Google's "quick answers" box in the search results for "SEO hero" – see screenshot below. WOW! This was showing up here in early April in Denver when I did incognito searches*. continues to rise, and is on the top of the first page in the natural results at #4-#5 (Google's rankings depend on search location and timing of search).

I'm very proud to see how fast it climbed, and although I couldn't enter in the contest,** I'm so excited that it's done so well as it is competing against many non-Wix platforms by lots of highly-skilled SEO experts gunning for the $50,000 prize. They likely had a lot more time and teams of people to work on their "seo hero" optimizing, link-building, and content creation. I would have liked to spend more time, but I was already booked up designing websites for clients. But I still gave it a good shot and I think it is amazing has done so well! The only other competitor that is higher than this website is the official winner of the contest,, who created a nice little keyword search engine.

I gather that Google liked the uniqueness and usefulness of's unique new SEO Hero "tool" that (though the tool to me is not super helpful for searching keywords, it's seems a bit random in how it finds similar keyword terms, and I'm not sure what some of the stat numbers mean, TF=?, Occur=?, W=? – I wish he had a definition key for the numbers, it's hard to make sense of them.) As Google likes websites that provide good, new and original information about topics searched, this tool, along with lots of SEO promotion (social media, YouTube, video, etc), was moved to the top of the SEO Hero rankings because Google likes innovative new content.

Here's a screenshot of my "seo hero" search done on Google, taken on April 2, 2017, searched from my Denver office location:

SEO Hero Winner

Below is the most current ranking from April 28, 2017, Picklewix is still rising and is at #4! Only below two links from themselves, and the winner of the contest,

SEO Website Designer


I have found that many SEO "experts" say that Wix is not good for SEO, so I am happy to say that this proves that Wix websites can compete with the best of the best in SEO. The funny thing is, I didn't even do a lot of SEO specifically towards "SEO Hero" on my website – I did really work hard on building a super informative SEO Hero blog on the website that I did enter into the competition. But, since is an older website and is also a very informative website, I guess Google found that my one page dedicated to SEO Hero was one of the most informative ones to show to searchers.

How did I do it? No tricks! I'm an expert website designer, and I'm not your typical SEO company, I don't try to fool the system trying to get a whole bunch of backlinks or use spammy internal blog networks, I simply write good, original content – incorporating the keywords I want a page to be found for, and optimize the website accordingly. I subscribe to the "if you build it they will come" theory – if you create a page that is very informative relating to the keywords you want to be found for, and promote it on social media and submit to Google+ and Google's Search Console, Google will sniff it out, and, if it is relevant, Google will start to incorporate the page in the rankings. Then, as it is found and when people start referencing your page in social media and in forums and blogs, your site will start to soar in the rankings. So create informative, shareable, GOOD content on your pages, add great imagery and make sure to optimize all your page titles, descriptions and image alt tags.

If you create good content, they will come. :)

*The above screenshot is of the Google Results searched from my Denver office – these results can vary depending on when and where you are searching from, I did my search in Chome's private mode called "incognito mode." Private or incognito browsing allows for you to search anonymously so that Google doesn't display results geared towards my previous searches - this is the best way to analyze search engine page ranking more accurately without Google showing you results that are related to your past website visits and searches.

**SEO Hero Contest Rules: Wix will create a website on their platform optimized for search term "SEO Hero". Anyone else can create a website on whatever platform they want and if an individual website is the highest ranking for "SEO Hero" in 4 months, then Wix will pay out $50,000 to the winner. Contest began November 16th, 2016 and contestants had to enter by December 16th, 2016. This is why didn't qualify, I launched this website a few years ago so was not in the running for the contest. But that's not to say I don't mind it being in the top results!! :)

One last note: I had searched Google for "seo hero" in the previous weeks, and originally saw that was at the top, but that site has disappeared from the first few pages of Google results... odd. So that means somehow Google docked his rankings or he removed it from the Google results? I'm curious... He said he was questionably disqualified according to his website. Currently, is currently at the top of the natural listings below's site (which doesn't qualify for contest)... but I think it's super cool that is actually at the very top (at least at the moment) in the "quick answers" box, and, it's also #4 in the natural results. :)

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