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Plant Nursery Website Templates

If you're looking for Plant Nursery website templates, or plant website templates, here are some of our recent website designs for plant nurseries, garden centers, and seed companies:

We love designing custom website templates for plant nurseries, garden centers, and farms (check out our best farm websites ») As we are a small business, we can also work with tight budgets – we know that the farming and garden industry can be tight on budget, so we try to work with every business to make sure they can afford to have a beautiful, easy-to-use website.

Website Training: We offer training as well so that you and your staff can update your website regularly to keep it up-to-date with the seasons, sales, new plants, growing tips, and more. We can also setup online shopping and curbside pickup options so that your customers can order online. We love training you so you can do all your own updates instead of having to email or call us every time you need a change. Of course, we're also happy to do ongoing updates for you, we do this with several of our clients such as one of our favorite long-time clients: We work with this amazing small seed company to do their website updates, blogging, email newsletters, SEO (search engine optimization) content creation, and social media posting, increasing their Facebook audience to nearly 10,000 followers, and their instagram audience from less than 500 to nearly 4000 real followers with tons of engagement. Every year their business grows – it's fun to see her website visitors and online orders increasing every year as more and more people discover their seeds. (I'm also an avid organic gardener, so I grow 10-15 different varieties of her chiles each year, the only hard part is choosing which ones I have room for!)

Seed Website Templates - Plant Nursery Website Templates

Here are a few more examples of our Plant Nursery Website Templates. While we call these templates, they are custom designed for each client. So no two are alike! Below is a quick video to show the website template designed for Lake Ridge Maple Farm in Vermont who produces organically-grown maple syrup. We set them up with this website so they could sell their maple syrup products and firewood. This is a simple, but effective website that serves them well!

We also love working with other green businesses! Check out Rocky Mountain Composting, a Colorado composting company that is doing curbside compost pickup for residents in the front range. Hard-working owner Eric Kenna is really making a difference by diverting so much compostable materials from our landfills to instead be made into gardener's gold – COMPOST!

So if you're looking for a reliable website designer that can help your garden center, plant nursery, farm or seed company, please reach out. As a small business myself, I can offer flexible pricing that will work with your budget and will design you a custom, easy-to-use website that your customers will love. And, I happily train all my clients to do their own website editing so that you can take the ball and run with it!

Happy growing!


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