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Is Wix Good for Lawyer Websites & SEO?

Is Wix Good for Lawyer Websites? This is a Lawyer Website Design in Wix

As a long time Website Designer and SEO Hero, I've worked in many of the website platforms over the years, including Wordpress, Wix, Shopify, Drupal, and others. I've worked with big SEO companies across all platforms over the years, so I am quite versed in SEO and offer SEO Pro Packages to my clients. Since Wix is one of my most recommended platforms for 95% of my clients, I often get this question:

Is Wix is good at SEO as Wordpress?

Is Wix good for Lawyer Websites? Is Wix good for Big Companies?

Short answer: Yes – Wix is just as good as Wordpress for SEO!

Is Wix is good at SEO?

It really doesn’t matter what platform you use for SEO, it's more about how you use the platform. Getting to the top depends on the level of competition you’re competing against, and how you use your website to build good content to be found for. For example, many Law Firms pay top dollar for paid ads and to build SEO content on their websites, so there is a lot of competition in that field. So, for a Law Firm website, building and sharing good SEO content can take months to years to get to the top page for highly competitive searches such as "injury attorney." But, it doesn't matter if you're on Wix or Wordpress, the idea is the same – create an in-depth website packed with information on pages that are optimized for the terms you want to be found for. I would also recommend PPC advertising with Google Ads to further boost traffic since there are so many ads for lawyer searches, even in the natural results you start to get lost in-between all the ads. If you're in a less competitive area such as a garden shop or dentist, the idea is the same, but you may rise to the top more quickly than in more highly competitive fields like lawyers.

Is Wix good for Lawyer Websites?

Wix can perform just as well for SEO as any other platform, but regardless of platform, some industries are harder to get to the the top than others. The more niche your business or product is, the easier it is to build up your website to get found. My recommendations would be the overall quite similar in my SEO consultation across all industries, but I’d advise to do things on a much bigger scale and to generate content much more often – think daily vs. weekly or monthly depending on the competitiveness of the terms you want to be found for. The more content you create on your site for keyword terms, the better, and it's good to do it steadily over 6 months+ to really see good results. The more often you add good in-depth and SEO optimized content to your website, the faster your website will rise to the top.

When is Wix not a good fit?

The only instance where Wix may not be as good for your needs is if you have sophisticated shopping cart needs, or other highly custom membership/database/content needs. Wix can do most everything, but I'd say it is currently still somewhat limited in the Online Shopping area, so if you have an online store, I may recommend a different option such as Shopify if the Wix Online Shopping store doesn't fit your needs. You could even have Wix for your main pages, and put your store at a subdomain like and host that on Shopify so you can have the best of both worlds – use Wix for your content building, blogging and designing good landing pages, and use the Shopify for the online shopping.

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