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Denver House with Large Garden for Sale

If you are a gardener looking for a beautiful brick Tudor home in the heart of Denver, we are working on relocating in 2024 and are looking for the perfect buyer of our home. We really would love to find someone who wants to adopt the all-organic garden by keeping the beautiful smaller home and the large garden intact without bulldozing it to turn it into a giant mansion as sadly so many houses in the area succumb to! The previous owner sold it to us 10 years ago as she wanted someone to take care of the garden, and I want to pass it onto another gardener to keep this oasis growing.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale  - Permaculture backyard!

This corner lot on a quiet street (9,150 sqft double lot) is filled with 17 trees, so it has a very park like feel and tons of room to grow – and we'd like to find a buyer who loves to garden and will be a steward for the mature landscape and trees for many more years to come. We have watched as many of the beautiful historic smaller homes like ours have been scraped to build much larger homes, sacrificing beautiful smaller homes, giant 50+ year old trees and gorgeous landscapes to make room for 6-car garages... and we would really love if someone would treasure this historic Tudor house and buy it for what it is – the perfect sized house for a single gardener, or a couple or small family. It is plenty big with 2,060 sqft total, three+ bedrooms, two bathrooms, a large upstairs living room with a historic tiled fireplace, fluted crystal door knobs, gorgeous bathroom tile, and the finished basement features a hobby room, one bedroom, living room and laundry room in the the finished basement. This Tudor home is the perfect size for most!

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale

The ever-expanding garden space has been slowly growing over the years, where we removed turf by hand and mulched and made compost for the new native plant and vegetable garden beds to build soil fertility organically. We want someone who wants to adopt and continue to grow the garden, while taking care of the beautiful mature trees including a couple of amazing Apricots (they bloom but rarely ever produce fruit due to their early March blooms which are usually followed by several frosts or snowstorms – however are a boom for pollinators!) and an old very giving Apple tree. The apples are amazing, sweet and crunchy and large, and very abundant on good years. We've made lots of apple pies, cider, apple cider vinegar, salsas, and so much more with the apples, in addition to snacking on them right in the backyard. The tree was said to likely be a distant ancestor to the red delicious apple, before they bred all the great flavor out of them in exchange for shippability. These apples are sure to please any apple lover and non-apple lovers too.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale with apple tree!

The old apple tree gives the best apples we've ever had!!

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - front yard native garden

In the front yard we recently replaced a large 20x20' patch of thirsty grass with a native plant pollinator oasis – filled with native Rocky Mountain Penstemons, Larkspur, Buckwheat, Dwarf Rabbitbrush, Coneflowers, Sandcherry, Tansy Asters, Four o'clock, Scarlett Gilia, Fringed Sage, Hardy Geraniums, Monarch-loved Liatris, Cactuses, and many other treasures from the Wild Ones Native Plant Swaps.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - front yard native garden with Rocky Mountain Penstemon

Native Rocky Mountain Penstemon will come back bigger and more beautiful every year! Bumblebees love them.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - vegetable garden

We harvest lots of fresh herbs and vegetables from the backyard, it's really a gardener's delight! There are also blackberries on the front arbor, and a raspberry patch in the backyard, which will provide lots of tasty berries in the years to come!

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - front yard native garden with Blooming Cactuses

These cactuses in the front yard guard the native flower bed from wandering paws, and are showstoppers in the spring when in full bloom.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Serviceberry Tree

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - native garden with Serviceberry trees

Outside the kitchen backdoor is a perennial culinary herb garden in a raised brick bed that matches the house, as well as a large 10x10' flower bed that we recently planted a native Serviceberry in to compliment the two other Serviceberries in the backyard. These have beautiful blooms in the spring, and are followed with the most delicious Serviceberries that you can put on your oatmeal or just pop into your mouth while out in the garden. The birds love them too and there are plenty to share, so you can enjoy watching the birds enjoy the tasty treats from the patio or the large backyard-facing windows. Denver Permaculture House for Sale

This permaculture oasis in the middle of Denver in south Park Hill is on a quiet block with lots of shade and trees and plenty of parking so it feels very different than most other neighborhoods of Denver. With several fruit trees and raspberries, blackberries, saffron, garlic, and perennial herbs, you're sure to fall in love with this garden like we did. If you are looking for a permaculture oasis in the heart of downtown, make sure to reach out to me directly about our Denver permaculture house for sale by the owners (us!)

For even more gardening, there is also an Organic Community Garden just a block and a half down the street, which is a great place for gardeners as you can exchange plants, produce, growing advice and have great conversations with other gardeners in the neighborhood – a great way to make gardening friends!

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - huge flagstone patio

A giant flagstone patio outside the kitchen back door has a large stylish cedar privacy screen and is the perfect place for a large patio table and BBQ. There is also a gorgeous arbor that is covered with boston ivy and is a perfect shady retreat in the summer months.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Goldenrod pollinator garden

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - pollinator garden

A large stand of native Canada Goldenrod fills the back corner of the backyard, which provides a ton of opportunities for bird and pollinator watching – it's amazing to see in full bloom in late summer, buzzing with butterflies, native bees, and tons of other pollinators. Magical!

Speaking of magic, there is also what I call a "Fairy tree" in our front yard, in the sidewalk that goes to the back gate. This weeping Crabapple is absolutely glorious in the spring, when it blooms in pink-white flowers that shower down from it's weeping branches. It has been the inspiration of many paintings, and is something you don't see very often in Denver. There is a distant-sister tree that lives at the Denver Botanic Gardens that you can see if you want to see a weeping Crabapple in her full glory!

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Weeping Crabapple

Above are a couple of the watercolor paintings I worked on when the tree was in bloom.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Weeping Crabapple with Chokecherry

Additionally, all around this magical tree, there are Alliums and a Chokecherry that bloom with beautiful colors all spring long. You'll want to take a garden walk every day to enjoy the amazing scents and blooms of color all around the property.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Alliums in front garden

We were told by the neighbors that many years back a horticulturist lived at the house, and he planted many of the blooming trees on the property, including the Hawthorn and Weeping Crabapple, and the Honeysuckle and grafted Lilac "trees." I don't doubt it, as the landscape really is a delight. We've been approached by the Park Hill Garden Tour to feature our garden on the tour, though we have not yet been able to participate.

In addition to ample flower gardens, there are plenty of vegetable garden beds around the perimeter of the fully-fenced backyard, so you can grow tomatoes, peppers, herbs and other veggies.

The previous owner before us was a landscaper and she installed some of the flower beds and planted a lot of the native plants like Hardy Geraniums, Asters, Goldenrod, Serviceberries, and Wine cups that sparkle along a winding flagstone path that goes from the house to the brick one-car garage and driveway that provides off-street parking for 2-cars on the back of the property.

There is also tons of hard-neck garlic planted throughout the garden beds for easy harvesting, and fall-blooming Saffron crocus flowers that bloom and provide the magical saffron spice that is so pricey at the stores.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - 1 Car garage and garden

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Garage view of garden and patio

The brick garage can fit one car, or you can use it as a potting and storage shed. It has a lovely view into the backyard that is perfect on rainy spring days when transplanting seedlings into larger pots.

There are multiple blooming crabapples that provide lots of fragrance and color in the spring. In the backyard, there is a small garden bed hoop house / greenhouse and a hand-built high-end cold frame that can go with the house if the new owners would like them. They are great for starting seeds and growing greens and herbs in the winter months.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Native Pollinator Garden

Our all organic landscape has lots of wildlife visitors including Monarchs, Swallowtail butterflies, bumblebees, sweat bees, tons of birds like flickers, woodpeckers, chickadees, Coopers hawks, waxwings, blue jays, robins, nuthatches, wrens, juncos, house finches, and many more. It's a delight to go out into the landscape every morning and hear all the birds singing and see all the pollinators buzzing around.

Denver House with Large Garden for Sale - Swallowtail on Lovage in Herb Garden

So if you're a gardener, chef, and lover of beautiful brick historic homes, this 2,060 sqft three-bedroom Tudor is for you! Built in 1932 on a huge 9,150 sqft lot, it's like living in your own botanic gardens! With a brand new hail-resistant roof, refinished hardwood floors, well-maintained trees & irrigation system, this house is going to be priced around $850K so it's well below most of the other homes on the block which have been going for well over a million. Reach out on my contact form you're interested in learning more about the house or garden.


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