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Wix Websites: Hide elements on desktop, show on mobile

December 2022 Update: You no longer need Velo code to "hide" elements on the desktop or mobile site in Wix – now you can have different elements on desktop and mobile.

Wix has made it possible to now add elements to the mobile layout only, so rather than the need to "hide" the elements that you want to show only on mobile on the desktop layout, you simply can add mobile elements to the mobile view only. That's right, you can now add mobile-only buttons, images, text and more only to your mobile website so you can streamline your pages for easy surfing on phones! So much better than having to get into Velo code. 😊

Also to note: You can also still hide desktop elements from mobile as well, so if you want to shorten or change a button's title or change out an image to work better in mobile, for example, you can simply hide the desktop version of the element and add a new mobile version as desired.

Different Menu on Mobile: You could also create a different "Mobile Menu" out of buttons, which I've done, since the Wix menu options in mobile are still somewhat limited (the Mobile menu is basically on or off, based on if you have the page layout selected that includes the header/footer.) Read more about how to Add a Mobile Menu on Wix »

Happy Wixing!


Wix is a great platform for building custom websites that are easy to edit, excel at SEO, and look good across all devices. View some of the Best Wix Websites »

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