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Wix: Add Mobile Menu

As a Wix Designer, sometimes I find that I want to add a custom mobile menu in Wix. Whether it's because I am using the page layout settings without a header and footer (which results in the lack of a mobile menu), or if it's because I want to create a more custom menu in the mobile, here is the way it can be done:

Add Mobile Menu Wix

Create a Lightbox "Menu" with Buttons for your Mobile Wix Website

Wix has now made it possible to add elements ONLY to mobile, which means you can add a button that calls a lightbox which serves as a mobile menu. Watch how it's done in this video:

You will need to create the Lightbox in the Wix desktop editor, and then make sure to change the Trigger Settings so that it does not popup on it's own. Then, you can add a custom button to your mobile layout and call the lightbox. This is a simple but effective way to create a menu.

A few more Wix Notes:

Custom Lightbox Mobile Menus are Static: If you create a custom mobile menu using a lightbox, this will NOT automatically update with new pages if you add them to your main menu. So if you do add pages over time, you may want to add buttons to them in your mobile Lightbox layout so mobile users can find those pages, too.

Create a Mobile Menu on your Desktop Wix Website:

You could also use this Lightbox menu technique to create a custom Wix mobile menu on desktop! Adding a button that calls a Lighbox menu is how to add hamburger menu in Wix on your desktop or mobile website.

Wix Mobile Menu not Working or not visible? If you don't see a Wix mobile menu in your mobile layout, it may be caused by choosing the page layout settings without a header and footer (which results in the lack of a mobile menu). This is where you could create a Lightbox mobile menu using the technique above to solve the issue.

Mobile Menu Icon in Wix If you create a custom button using one of Wix's icon buttons, you can swap out the icon with a custom "hamburger" menu icon so that it looks like a mobile menu.

Wix Hamburger Menu

Wondering how to add hamburger menu in Wix? Wix has a ton of free hamburger and mobile icons available in the editor that can be used in their custom icon buttons or you can simply add a hamburger image onto your page and link it. See the video above to see where the free hamburger icons can be found.

Happy Wixing!


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