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SSL in Beta

2021 Wix SSL Update: I just stumbled across this old 2016 post, Wix did indeed release SSL to all hosting plans back in 2016/2017 – so all Wix websites now have SSL and https, which is essential for SEO and usability. How long does a Wix SSL certificate take?

Keep in mind, when a Wix website is launched by connecting your domain, the SSL certificate that makes your website secure at a https:// domain typically takes up to 48 hours to propagate.

Original 2016 post:

Wix SSL - Wix Designer beta testing SSL on Wix platform

I'm excited to report that my website,, is part of the SSL Beta test group – so you can now see that my website has a https:// URL. Kudos for Wix adding this feature, having SSL installed on your website helps with SEO, as Google and other search engines have announced that they will favor websites that are SSL encrypted. In 2014, Google representatives announced they would reward sites using HTTPS encryption with a boost in search results, resulting in better referral data, and a possible ranking boost. While Wix is still beta testing this feature, I expect it will be released to be utilized on all Wix websites soon. Thanks, Wix Wizards!!


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