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How long does the Wix SSL certificate take?

Here are some common questions about SSL Certificates on Wix:

Why is my Wix SSL certificate not working?

How long does the Wix SSL take?

If you just launched your website and connected your domain, the SSL certificate that makes your website secure at a https:// domain typically takes up to 48 hours to propagate. So, if you launched your website on Monday afternoon, you may have to wait until Wednesday afternoon to see the SSL / https activated. This means that the website will not have https/SSL security for up to 48 hours after launching a website on Wix, and may prompt users with a warning (see screenshot above) that the site is not at a secure domain. This will resolve itself, just be patient for the 48 hours. If you already have a domain registered through a third-party such as Network Solutions or GoDaddy, and you point the domain's DNS settings to the Wix servers, this 48 hour propagation period still applies before the SSL certificate shows up. From what I hear from many other Wix Designers, 48 hours is the norm with Wix SSL propagation.

How do I get my SSL certificate from Wix?

It comes automatically with any paid hosting plan.

Does Wix give you an SSL certificate?

Yes, SSL is included with any paid Wix hosting plan. Wix hosting plans range from $14-$24+ a month depending on your needs, ecommerce is on the higher end of that range.

How do I enable SSL on a Wix website?

You don't need to know how to add https to a Wix website, because you don't have to enable SSL, it is automatically installed when you pay for any Wix hosting plan and launch your website at a domain. It can take up to 48 hours to activate the SSL/https on newly launched Wix websites, so be patient while it propagates.

Do you have more Wix questions?

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