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Wix for a Shopping Cart

Did you know that Wix has ecommerce ability? While it's a pretty simplistic shopping cart, it works quite well for simple online sales, such as this online registration "store" for the Park Hill Art Club. I worked with the club to setup a Wix store to be used for their members to register for art classes. The Wix store includes inventory, which lets us limit how many people can signup for a class, which was desired. We setup the store with Wix's Moolah/ setup, which is great because unlike a lot of Merchant Accounts, there are no any monthly fees, you only have to pay per-transaction (3% + 30 cents). So they only pay when they sell a class. Moolah/ was a bit cumbersome to get the account setup and in place (you need a bank account, social security, voided check, tax ID, etc to get it setup), but now that we've completed the application process, all funds will be directly deposited into the club's bank account. The idea was to help save their volunteer staff time so they no longer have to do everything by mailed-in forms and checks.

If you're looking to sell something online, Wix may be a good solution for you as you can have a beautiful, easy to edit website with the advantage of an online store.

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