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Got Milkweed?

More info about supporting safe parks and pollinators can be found at: 

Support Denver's Natural Areas & Non-Toxic Parks

To help our parks become safer for all, we are volunteering to help maintain the natural areas in our Denver parks so that wildlife can thrive here. The idea is to cut down on herbicides and pesticides so that our parks can be safer for all.



Want to volunteer to help pollinators and keep our Denver parks safer?

Join us to help Pollinators!

People and Pollinators and the Wild Ones Front Range Chapter are partnering with Denver Parks and Rec Horticulturist Rahman Minhas and Carol Wise to help weed and plant native plants in our parks! Volunteer with us to help weed our parks and natural areas to eliminate the need for chemical herbicides, and help our parks be non-toxic. Helping the city weed and plant more native plants helps a LOT!

This will help reduce the use of herbicides and keep our parks safer and non-toxic for everyone who spends time in our parks, including people, children, dogs, and the city employees who are applying these chemicals, as well as the wildlife and pollinators that are affected by these unnecessary herbicides. They plan on doing this weekly at different parks along Westerly Creek and in Lowry, so hope some of you can join us! There will be tools on hand at each session, but feel free to bring your favorites if you like. Please wear close-toed shoes and bring garden gloves, a hat, water, and snacks as needed.

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#2: Tell Denver City that You Support our Natural Areas, Parks & Pollinators

It would also be wonderful if you could reach out to Denver City Council and Denver Parks & Recreation to share your support of our natural areas in Denver:



In a world of complaints, it’s nice to give our city positive feedback! Let them know that you appreciate the natural areas of our parks, such as the milkweed and pollinator gardens! 

Nature's Best Hope Book
Homegrown National Park Website

Nature's Best Hope by Douglas Tallamy is a wonderful, hopeful, inspiring read that will get you excited to have your own National Park in your own backyard.

Check out this new website about doing just that:

Pollinator Pledge Certificate

You can be a part of a regional landscape solution to create a state-wide pollinator haven in Colorado! By converting your backyard or your business property to pollinator safe habitat, you are joining others who are doing the same and changing Colorado for the better, one garden or property at a time. 

Sign the Pollinator Safe Property Pledge below and visit:

Leave the Leaves of Perennials and Native Plants for Wildlife

Leave the leaves and stalks of perennials and native plants to help provide wildlife habitat, conserve moisture, and build the soil. 

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