Wix Pro Designer

Wix Website Designer in Denver, CO

As a Wix Pro Designer, I design a lot of my clients' websites in Wix. I think Wix is a great platform – perfect for restaurants, landscaping companies, artists, garden shops, solar energy companies, farms, the list could go on!

I love designing professional Wix websites for businesses because it's so easy for my clients to use the website once it's launched. Once I design, develop and launch a Wix website, I train my clients on how they can go into any page and make text edits, add images to galleries, and even add pages or write blog posts. Unlike Wordpress and other platforms, Wix doesn't require constant upgrades or maintenance, so clients can focus on adding good content to their website rather than paying a developer to do updates. 

Editable Wix Templates:

The Wix templates are simply a starting point that can be completely custom designed to your needs. NOTHING is set in stone in Wix website designs, so even if you want to change the design a year from now, it's easy to change and update the design of your headers and footers, menus, page and backgrounds, font choices so the website can grow and change over time. This is a big difference from other platforms such as Wordpress or Squarespace, which require HTML and CSS knowledge (and therefore programming developer cost) to make changes to the overall design. 

Do-it-yourself Wix Design

While Wix markets itself as a "do-it-yourself" website creator, a lot of people find that once they start choosing and editing a Wix template, they realize they'd love help getting the design polished and setting up all the website settings correctly. As a Wix Pro Designer, I have "adopted" many websites from people who got started but want help finishing and launching their website design. Or, people who have a Wix website for sometime, and want a fresh look designed or new functionality added to it.  I can help build menus to client specifications, add pages, add Wix SEO (search engine optimization), install blogs or scheduling and booking functionality, ecommerce, etc.

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