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Wix Feature Requests

from an expert Wix Designer


As a Wix Web Designer, and I think that Wix is a great platform for small business websites. However, it does have, like all platforms, room for improvement! Below is my wish list for the top features I think Wix needs. The nice thing is, the Wix Wizards release new features all the time, so I'm hoping that since most of these needs are on their active Feature Requests are coming soon! Make sure to "Vote" for all of these features below to help make them happen, I have links below each request for active Feature Requests that you can vote for. I will update this page as I discover more needs and when the Wix Wizards release new updates that solve some of these missing features. 



Wix Stores – Ecommerce Functionality:
Better Receipt Page

Currently, the Wix shopping cart's "Thank You" receipt page doesn't have the items that the user ordered. It has an Order Number, and a Total Cost and Billing Address, but it doesn't list what the customer actually ordered.

Why is this an issue?

Because if the customer doesn't get the email confirmation of their order, they will not have a "receipt" of what they ordered. As an online shopper, I always print (or save a PDF) of all my online orders' receipt pages JUST IN CASE I don't get the email receipt, I have a record of what I ordered. Currently with Wix, the receipt page is very rudamentary, and could really use the full order details so a customer can print if desired.

Vote for this feature here »

Wix Designer- Feature Requests


Completed! February 2017


SSL For Wix Websites

The Wix Wizards have added HTTPs to all Wix websites – the highest security standard certificate. This ensures all information and communication on your website is encrypted, authenticated and secured. 

This also helps with SEO: Google and other search engines now favor websites with SSL encryption, so this will help boost website search rankings. YES!



Smart URLs for Wix Webpages

While Wix used to use long and ugly page URLs, we now have the ability to name any page with the specific URL we want, for example:

Thanks, Wix Wizards!



Full Width Video (YouTube/Vimeo)

Currently it's not possible to use a YouTube or Vimeo video at 100% width of the screen.  While they do allow for full-width video backgrounds, these are autoplay and do not have audio. It would be great if we could use the "stretch" tool to make videos full screen. Wix Wizards, work your magic!

Wix Designer - Wix feature request
Wix Designer - Wix feature request



Blog with Import & Commenting Functionality

Currently it is not possible to import posts from another blog into the Wix blog (such as Wordpress), so if I have clients that have an existing blog, this means they (or I) would need to manually repost all the blog posts. If the original blog has years' worth of posts, this could take a long time! Vote for this feature here »

Secondly, the Wix blog needs to have it's own built-in Commenting functionality. Currently you can only utilize comments through Facebook, Disqus or a Comments app, but none are built-in and therefore not fully controllable from the Wix blog. Vote for this feature here » 

I update this Feature Request page often with new requests and solutions to old requests.


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