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Wix Web Designer Tips


Wix Email Subscription Tools

A great tool that Wix offers is their Subscribe Form tool. This tool allows you to add a email subscribe form quickly and easily to your Wix website. This is a great way to collect your website users' emails so that you can contact them down the road. 


A good example of this is on my client's Denver Farmer's Market website, she is starting the market this summer, but doesn't have all the details on the times in place yet. So, we added a subscribe form so that her interested customers can "subscribe" to be notified with market details and reminders. So far, she's had several new subscribers everyday, so she's building a good email list so she can send out Market announcments and details once they are finalized.











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See the screenshots below on the how easy it is to add a simple subscribe form to a Wix website, the tool is located under "Apps > Subscribe Form". These forms collect and store your contacts in the Wix account for future emailing. 

You can use Wix's simple but easy to use ShoutOut software for sending out email newsletters, or you can also export your contacts to a third-party email newsletter service like MailChimp or VerticalResponse.


Wix's ShoutOut newsletter tool is nice, but it does have a few limitations:

  • you have to start the email with a text title, you can't have the image at the top

  • Wix's ShoutOut doesn't give  much control over the design, you have to either put in text blocks or image blocks in a vertical layout. On the plus side, this format works great for mobile.


However, for quick newsletters, Wix's ShoutOut a great system to get started with, and they do have a lot of fun templates to start off with which lend a more designed look to the newsletters. 


Do you want help getting a subscription form on your website? Contact me and I can help get it all setup and designed so it fits in well with your Wix website. 

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