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Wix Designer – Wix Professional Design Community Meetup on YouTube

Wix Professional Design Community
YouTube Online Meetup – #2

As a Wix Designer, I love being part of the Wix Design Experts Community, and I love attending the Wix Professional Design Community Online Meetups on YouTube, the second meetup was again hosted by Brett Haralson on January 19, 2017.

You can also view the YouTube recorded stream which will is available here on YouTube:

This meetup was really just about discussing the Wix Expert Group (what makes an Wix Expert?) and the Arena 2.0 that is coming soon – to my disappointment, no new features were announced for the editor... so no real news to report except that they are taking Beta submissions for Arena 2.0 (see below)!


Good Quotes:

"A lot more magic. A lot more magic."
– Brett

"I got my where's Waldo shirt on so who knows where I'll pop up."

– Brett

Here's a few of my notes:


Arena 2.0 – Not yet! But sooner than you think. ;)

Brett said that Wix is aiming to build the new arena platform, focusing on the things that  they've learned from the old Arena – they are working on a way to deal with leads and adding a lot of functionality for us Wix Experts.  Brett assures us that it's coming sooner than we think. Here's a couple questions they answered:

Wix Pro vs. Non-Pros: Is this Facebook Group supposed to be a group of fellow pros, to share ideas or ask eachother for advice, or semi-support group for Wix first-timers?

Brett thinks that the heart of the group is very simple: We all have a unique and distinct passion for design, and we use Wix. It's our love and passion for design within the Wix platform that binds us. That said, there are things that are exclusive in this group, most of the people in this group is that we design Wix website for others. A "Wix Pro" is someone who gets paid to design Wix websites. This group is NOT a support group, but they will never shun questions or discussions, but most of the questions are very broad and business oriented by people who are desiging websites for clients. They do encourage beginners to check out WixEd to have a better understanding of the Wix platform.

With the expert dashboard, do we no longer need to claim sites?

It's not available yet, but in the end the Expert Account system in Wix will have that all incorporated in, with website metrics that will reflect in experts' portfolios.

Is there a way to get an unique expert coupon codes?

Brett said there is a lot more than can be done with the Expert accounts platform, but they're still building the foundation of it. So this is likely to be coming soon....

Arena 2.0 Beta Signup:

The Beta is coming soon for Arena 2.0 – Brett will be sharing a link to the form on the Wix Design Experts Facebook group today!

You can also enter to WIN a ticket & airfare to the big football game (yes, that one) on Facebook by posting your best Wix website on Brett's post.

I hope that the next meetup will have more general editor improvement announcements (like an import feature for importing Wordpress blogs/content). I'll keep you updated!

Reach out to me with Wix questions or to share your own tips! 

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