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Wix Web Designer Tips


As a Wix website designer, I often get questions from clients on how to perform certain tasks in Wix. While Wix has a great forum that is filled with answers, it's sometimes hard to find the most commonly answered questions with one clear, concise answer. These pages are dedicated to explaining some of the most common Wix questions that clients ask me. 


Do I need to resize images before uploading to my Wix website design to help with load time?

Wix is always updating their system to ensure the fastest loading times for your Wix website design. There are some tips, however, to keep your site loading quickly.

Use JPG Image format: (jpg=Joint Photographic Experts Group) 
One of the biggest recommendations (straight from Wix) is that you use JPGs for your image files. The JPG format can be served by Wix as "Progressive jpgs" which load progressively, meaning that they first load a low quality, and then as the site continues to load the image is rendered progressively into the best quality. This allows users to see your images faster. When you save your images, save them at high quality and let Wix do the work.




 I also recommend sizing your images to the size you plan to use, as even though Wix says it resizes them, if you upload a 1000x1000 pixel image that is 1mb, and you are only planning on using it at 300x300, it would be better to size it down to that size to decrease the overall image file size. If you're not sure what size your image is, place a image where you want it on the page, then click on "Image Settings" to view the panel (see example on left) – at the bottom of the panel there is a Width (w) by Height (h) numbers to show you the width and height pixel size of your image.


PNG Image Format: (png=Portable Network Graphics)
Wix also recommends limiting the use of PNGs, which is a different image format that allows for transparency. PNG format is a lossless image compression format that allows for a variety of transparency options. For example, you can have a logo PNG with transparency that will allow the background to show through around the logo, unlike JPGs, which the background is solid. PNGs are great for this reason, as you can have shapes and logos with transparency so that your website background color shows through. However, as PNGs are lossless, they are often larger files and cannot be served progressively, so it is best to use JPG whenever possible. 

This image shows a non-transparent JPG compared to a PNG image file with transparency, which shows the background around the shape. 

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Background/Strip Large Full-Width Images: 1920 pixels wide:

Uploaded images should be at least 1920 wide for full-width scaling images such as in Strips or backgrounds. Wix auto resizes images on the page depending on the window and device, but it's still wise to keep them sized at 1920 max pixels wide by whatever height for best page speed. Learn more about optimizing images for Wix »


Smaller Images – size to the size used:

If you are using smaller images on the page, it's best to size them at the size used  – but it's also good to upload larger versions as well for future use at any size if needed. So you can make two image sizes, one large one (1920 wide x height), and a second one that is optimized for the size used on the page (keep in mind to double your resolution so if the image is showing up at 400x200 pixels high on your page, size it at 800x400 pixels so it will display nicely on high resolution monitors/devices).