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SEO Content Creation with Keywords in Mind

Figure out what people are searching for and create content for it!

Content creation for your website is all about becoming the online expert in your services or products.


  • Write lots of great content for your website

  • Start a blog

  • Add images and graphics – use alt text tags with keywords.

Find out what people are searching for:
Use Wix's SEO Wiz Tool

If you're using Wix website builder platform, Wix also has a new SEO Wiz tool that has an Analyze Keywords tool that is great to see what keywords will work best. In the video I also show you where to setup your Wix SEO page title, page description, page URL, and keywords for each page in the SEO page settings.

Use Third-Party Tools to compliment the Wix SEO Wiz Tool:

Google AdWords Keyword Planner Tool

You can use Google AdWords' free Keyword Planner tool to find out what people are searching for. For example, if you're selling organic seeds, you could research in Google AdWord's Keyword Planner tool to determine what people are searching for related to seeds.


To use the Keyword Planner in Google AdWords, you will need to have a Google (gmail) account for this,  it is good to setup a Google+ Business page for your business or brand and use the same account for Google AdWords. It is free* to setup a Google account, so don't worry, you can use the keyword tool for free once you have an account setup. No credit card required unless you want to actually setup a run an ad campaign.

A fun long-tail keyword search tool so you can see what questions people are searching for around any keywords you specify. You can also select results by country. I use this tool in conjunction with Wix's SEO Wiz tool and Google Adwords by using the keyword suggestions they have and put them into the Google AdWords Keyword Planner or Wix SEO Wiz Keyword Analyzer to see how many people are searching for which keyphrases. Then I pick out the best, most relevant and highly searched terms to use in content creation. 

Create Content!

Write blog posts, create new pages with the Keywords you've researched.

Once you've determined a good list of topics to write about, start writing! Add pages, blog posts, and use images and graphics to compliment your content.
Write with your audience in mind, answer common questions or post your top tips, and incorporate the researched highly searched keywords in the title, description and content of your posts. Think:
  • Top 10 Tips for Pest Control in Organic Gardens
  • Our Top Heirloom Organic Seeds Picks
  • How to Grow Organic Seeds
Make sure to use the SEO Page Titles and Descriptions on your pages, and use the Advanced SEO Titles and Descriptions and URLs in the Blog editor as well (see below:)

Find your Wix webpage SEO Tools here in your page dropdown:

Find your Wix Blog SEO Tools here:

More SEO Tools

Find lots more SEO Tips and Tools on my SEO Website:
I have provided a great list of SEO Resources, as well as TONS of tips on how you can do your own SEO. Remember, SEO is a long distance race, it's all about adding lots of content over time and building an empire.
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