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Wordpress to Wix Migration

Can you migrate from Wordpress to Wix? Yes.

You sure can migrate your website from Wordpress to Wix! You can migrate from Wordpress (or Wix) to any platform. But it's not as easy as just pressing a magic button.

Wordpress to Wix Migration

Wordpress websites can have their blog posts imported into the Wix blog, but pages will need to be brought over manually. That's not to say it's hard to do, it just takes time, and more time if you have hundreds of pages! But, if you were to switch from Wordpress to other platforms, you'd run into the same situation. There is no easy way to "migrate" a website over to a new platform without some time to design and pull over content and design it to look good on the new page. The positive side of this is that if you're migrating a website from any platform to a new platform, it is the perfect time to redesign or update the design of the website. So, while you may need to manually build pages, you can simply update their design in the process, copying and pasting content from the old site, uploading new and higher resolution images, and updating the content and overall look and feel of the website in the process of migrating.

Wordpress to Wix Migration

Wix does Import Wordpress Posts!

A Wordpress to Wix migration is now possible, as Wix has a Wordpress Blog Import that allows you to import all your Wordpress blog posts into the new Wix blog. This is a game changer for Wordpress websites who have expansive blogs, as before you would have to manually recreate each post from a Wordpress blog into Wix – there was no way to import posts. But now there is with the Wordpress to Wix blog post migration tool.

Remember, the Wordpress Blog Import to Wix is not the only thing you need to do. To fully migrate a Wordpress website to Wix, you will still need to build any pages needed, as pages won't import, only blog posts. But, this saves an incredible amount of time if you have a blog with tons of posts in it.

Hats off to Wix for releasing yet another wonderful new feature to make it's amazing platform even better! Here's a screenshot below of a Wordpress blog imported into the new Wix blog:

Wordpress to Wix Migration

Want to switch from Wordpress to Wix? If you have a Wordpress website for your business and you'd like to switch to Wix, we specialize in migrating Wordpress websites to the Wix platform, as well as improving or redesigning the websites in the process. Wix sites can look exactly like Wordpress sites, so we can carry over any elements that you like and rebuild them in the easy-to-edit Wix website builder. Reach out for a free estimate »

Hacked Wordpress Websites:

As we worked for many years in Wordpress (and still do for a few select clients,) we know that Wordpress websites are targets for hackers. I've had numerous clients over time come to us to "fix" their Wordpress websites that have been hacked. We can help with hacked Wordpress sites, but I typically recommend starting fresh to clear the website from any malicious code or spammy links. Many clients come to us to request to move to a different platform, as their Wordpress website has been compromised by hackers and spammers, or their plugins and software are outdated and they're scared to upgrade in fear that the updates will "break" their Wordpress website. Wix is a great place to migrate to, as it is a much more secure platform and we have not (yet) had a client's Wix website get hacked. The great thing about Wix is that clients don't need to worry about software and security updates - Wix hosting provides all that as part of the hosting fee. So no more outdated plugins or Wordpress versions! Clients love it as they don't have to babysit their website's software any longer with Wix. In the process of migrating their Wordpress website to Wix, we clean and redesign all their content so that the new site is free from spam-links or content and code.

We can do all the migration and redesign work for you, and then we will train you on how to use the Wix platform to keep your website updated. Clients love Wix as it's so much easier to use than Wordpress, and it doesn't need regular updates and security fixes as Wordpress requires. Wix is also easier to add new pages, make design changes, add photo galleries, add videos, and so much more! I will show you how you can easily make any edits and updates to the website. If it's easier to edit your website, then you're more likely to keep it updated, which is better for SEO (search engine optimization). I'm also a SEO Consultant, so I can help make the migration from Wordpress to Wix go smoothly so you won't lose any of your ranking in search engines. I will setup 301 redirects, setup your SEO Meta Tags and Alt Image tags so your website performs at it's best in searches. Lastly, I will train you on how to continue to build your own website SEO and content to help your website get found online.

Reach out for a free Wordpress to Wix migration estimate: Reach out for a website estimate »

Below is a video showing the new Wordpress to Wix Blog Import feature:

Over the years, we have migrated many client websites from Wordpress, Blogger, Squarespace, and other platforms to Wix. We typically do a redesign or design refresh, but sometimes we will replicate a more modern design of a Wordpress website in Wix.. In Wix, the webpage design can be completely customized – you can have responsive full screen images, galleries, slideshows or videos, for example. You can replicate most every design feature and functionality desired! With Wix, the sky's the limit.

Looking for help with your Wordpress to Wix migration?

Check out our Best Wix Websites to get a feel for what Wix websites look like:

Get a free Wordpress to Wix migration estimate: Reach out for a website estimate »


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