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Wix Website Design Cost

If you're wondering what a Wix Website Design would cost if you hired a Wix pro, you've come to the right place. Wix Website Design and Development usually costs between $2500-$6000+, depending on the needs (number of pages, functionality, etc). Ecommerce Wix websites can cost $5000-$8000+, depending on the complexity of the needs.

Wix is the best editor available today, and I recommend it for 90% of my business client websites because it's such a great platform! Here's a few reasons why:

  • Wix's Site Editor is hands-down the best in the business. Squarespace, Wordpress, Webydo and others don't yet compare in the ease-of-use and customization abilities, and functionality.

  • Wix is very SEO friendly! It has all the SEO (search engine optimization) features needed to help your business get found online.

  • Wix is secure. Unlike open-source platforms like Wordpress, it is not easily hacked into and you don't have to worry about upgrading software or installing security features. Your Wix hosting team is taking care of all that for you. Wix also releases new features weekly, and you get to use all most of the new tools without having to "upgrade" or switch plans.

  • Wix has SSL included! Secure websites (with https) are now starting to be required by Google, so it's great that is included in all Wix hosting plans, no extra cost or hassle!

  • Wix makes it super easy to add Video, sound, image galleries and slideshows anywhere on your website.

  • Wix has phone tech support, you can schedule a call back from one of their friendly techs, and they can help answer questions and help you resolve issues if needed.

  • Wix's template ARE NOT set in stone. Everything on the page is easily customized, from the background colors/images/videos, to text boxes, to slideshows, to video, to buttons and menus.

  • Wix has a customizable Mobile editor using the same elements as your desktop version – but you have full control over if, how and where the elements display in the mobile view. This is much nicer than simple "responsive" layouts as you have full control over the position of any element, and you can even hide things to simplify your pages for mobile viewers.

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