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Wix Web Designer Tip: Changing Wix Page Menu Titles from All Caps to Title Case or Lowercase

Here is how you can change the page titles that show up in the menu on your Wix Website. I have run into the issue of renaming a page name with a simple Case change not "saving" when I changed a page name. By this I mean I am renaming the page with the exact same name, but changing to All Caps, Title Case, or Lowercase. Sometimes I found that it doesn't always save my Case-only change, and it would still show the all caps or lowercase version of the page name in the menu, even though I changed it multiple times. So here's a simple solution to get around it – just name the page name with something different, such as add a space, then rename it again with the proper title. This will get it to "stick" with case changes.

Happy Wixing!