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Wix Web Designer Tip: Changing Domains with Wix & GoDaddy

Wix Web Designer Tip: Changing Domains with Wix

I have a client who changed their domain name, as their business name changed. Their domains were registered with GoDaddy, and so they bought their new domain through GoDaddy. (Example: and We connected the new domain,, to the Wix website using the Pointing method (rather than DNS, as they have a lot of email settings setup in their DNS settings on Wix). Then, in GoDaddy, we setup Domain Forwarding for the old domain to forward to the new domain.

But, then, we noticed that if searching Google for their business, Google still had the old domain listed in the search results, and, when clicking on it, it would give an error screen "Your Connection is not private." (see image above.) I couldn't figure out why it was doing that as the old domain was simply forwarding to the new domain which was on Wix and has SSL and the https domain. So why was it giving this error?

Well, we figured out a solution, I spoke with Wix phone support, and we determined rather than using GoDaddy's domain forwarding, to instead connect the old domain to Wix. So, I connected the old domain to Wix by using the Pointing method, too (changing the CName and A record to point to Wix), and then verified the connection to Wix. Within 15 minutes of propagation, the problem was resolved! Now when you go to the old domain, it automatically goes to the new domain, without the Security error. See the screenshot below from Wix's dashboard that shows how two domains are now connected to one Wix website. The second (old) domain simply redirects to the main new domain. Easy peasy!

Whew! I'm putting this here in my blog in case I run into this issue again (or if any of you do). If you change domains, and they are registered elsewhere, it's best to connect both domains to Wix rather than using forwarding, which was causing the "Your Connection is not private" error when forwarding. Happy Wixing!


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