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Wix vs. Squarespace

As a Denver Website Designer, I am both a Wix Designer, and a Squarespace Designer. But, which platform do I like better? Why Wix of course. Squarespace, like Wordpress, is a cumbersome combative platform that does not have the great WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) design interface that Wix has. A lot of clients come to me with Squarespace websites that they want to add additional functionality to, or change the design, but unfortunately to make design or functionality changes requires development, which costs more money. If someone wants to take their Squarespace website design to the next level, it costs several thousands of dollars in coding costs to adjust the CSS and template coding. Wix, on the other hand, is the best for easy design edits, you can simply click on the items you want to redesign and change the colors, elements on the page, header, menus, images, add galleries, add other functionality such as sound bites or video quickly and easily. The cost of designing in Wix, therefore, is much lower as I don't have to spend 3 times as much of the budget on programming hours. With Wix, there is little to no programming time needed, instead, I can focus nearly 100% of the budget on the design.

So when a client comes to me asking for Squarespace design, I typically will ask them why they prefer Squarespace, and then explain to them why Wix can do everything that Squarespace can do, but with a smaller design & development budget – and, in the long-term, Wix is ideal as it's easy to make design changes down the road, or add pages or content or functionlity – so the Wix website design can easily grow and change with the business.

While Wix isn't ideal for everything (like sophisticated shopping carts, in which case I recommend Shopify or other ecommerce platforms), it is good for 80% of the businesses that I work with.

Feel free to contact me at 720.2603541 to discuss your website design needs, and I can recommend the best platform for your needs!


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