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Wix Templates

Wix Templates

If you're looking for Wix Templates, we are here to help. We custom design Wix templates based on your needs and wishlist. We can work with you to determine colors, images, and how the site is laid out – such as adding slideshows, video, establishing a user-friendly menu, adding a header and footer, and adding SEO (search engine optimization) titles and tags throughout so that your site can be found online.

We custom design your template so you have a fully customized, unique website that stands out above the crowd. See our Wix Design Portfolio »

Below are some of our recent Wix templates we designed for our clients. Our Wix website Template Design prices range fro $1500-$3000+ (includes 15-40+ hours) depending on the needs (number of pages, newsletter signups, functionality needs, if SEO is needed, etc). Our packages include the design of multiple concepts, working with you to polish the chosen design, then the complete setup and design of all the subpages desired, creating mobile friendly pages, SEO (search engine optimization) of pages, and training you on how you can use and edit the website going forward if desired. I also offer SEO packages, and hourly rates if desired.

Don't worry if you don't see anything that is exactly what you're looking for, as we custom design every Wix template. No two are the same, because nobody wants a duplicated website! And, Google li