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Wix Store Coupon - Where to Add Code

Wix Store Coupon - Where to Add Code

As a Wix Web Designer, I get questions about Wix all the time – and I love to post the answers here in my blog for future reference for my clients and myself.

I have a client for whom I designed a Wix Website for, and she is using Wix Stores to sell some products. She had a problem that she couldn't find where her online Wix Store customers could add a Promo Code (same thing as a Coupon code). We realized it is NOT on the Checkout page of Wix Stores, but rather, the code can be entered on the Cart page in the stores (under the line items of what is in the cart). In the screenshot above I show where the coupon/promo code can be added to a Wix Store.

Happy Wixing!

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