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Wix SEO – Proof Wix Works

Wix SEO – Why Wix Works

I was excited to see that my sister website, which I created for Wix's SEO Hero contest, has climbed to the #2 spot in Google for the "seo hero" search. Wow!

That means my Wix website is still beating out hundreds of other SEO companies on different platforms like Wordpress who competed for Wix's SEO Hero Contest $50,000 prize. ...Granted, most of the people who entered solely for the contest, and have since probably not given their seo hero sites any attention so many of their websites are dead in the water. I've posted in mine occasionally since the contest, but because it's packed full of great content including my top SEO tips and resources, it has been climbing the ranks steadily simply because it's super useful! Google likes real, honest, informational and original content that searches are looking for, which I provided. The website, was built entirely with Wix, using good, honest SEO practices, and it is ranking higher than hundreds of other SEO-company-powered websites. Amazing.

All I can say is – Wix IS awesome at SEO if you use it right.

Also amazing, I just looked it up and there are 22,200 searches every month for the keywords "seo hero" – that's a lot – I wonder why so many people are searching that specific keyword phrase (are they looking for the Wix contest winner? Why else search specifically for "SEO hero"?)... I'm curious. But regardless this means that my Wix website is getting seen by 22,000+ people in the #2 slot of google's search results. I'm stunned. No wonder my website traffic has been up!

SEO Hero Searches in Google

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