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Wix SEO in October 2019

WIX SEO in October 2019

Wix has had a long reputation of being not-so-great at SEO. Wix SEO is still considered by many to not be up to par.

Why does Wix SEO have a bad rap? I think the original Wix SEO damage was done because Wix used to be a Flash-based website platform. Flash, originally made by Macromedia, and it was a cutting-edge way to build interactive funcitionality on websites, such as animated buttons, games, movement, slideshows, etc. Flash was quite a popular platform up until 2013, when mobile and tablets were on the rise. Apple iPhones did not support Flash – Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was highly critical of Flash Player, having published an open letter detailing Apple's reasoning for banning Flash from its iOS device family. And, Flash was never very well-read by search engines – Google, Yahoo, and other search engines couldn't read or index Flash elements or websites well, and since Wix websites were entirely based in Flash in the early days (2007).

However, Wix converted to HTML5 in March 2012, and over the next few years Wix implemented all of the SEO features that other platforms like Wordpress have, such as custom URLs, Meta Titles, Meta Descriptions, Alt Image Text, and the ability to add Verification and Tracking Codes from Google, Facebook, Bing and other sources. This all was a game-changer for Wix SEO.

Now in 2019, Wix websites do exceptionally well at SEO – IF optimized correctly and built with lots of good content. Wix SEO: Even Google says: "WIX websites work fine in search." Even Google said that Wix SEO is fine, one of the Google representatives basically said it's not about the platform, it's about how you use it. Read a comment below from JohnMu at Google who wrote back to a forum question asking if Wix was good at SEO. You can read the full Google thread from Google's Webmaster Central Help Forum and read his response on why Wix is good for SEO below:

From Google: Hi Ash, WIX websites work fine in search. There are a lot of different setups for new websites. I wouldn't focus too much on a single provider, but rather think about the bigger picture: which will make it easiest for you to maintain your site (adding / changing content)? If you're getting help from others for your site, is there one that they have experience in, which might make it easier / cheaper? Which one offers the features that you think you'll need in the mid-term? There are probably a few options that could work for you, so maybe it makes sense to just try some of them out and see which one works best for you -- websites are websites for Google :).Cheers & good luck with your new site! John

Why Wix SEO Works

Wix, just like any other website platform, will not succeed at SEO out of the box. SEO (search engine optimization) is all about creating a ton of in-depth, useful content on your website that answers the queries that users are typing into search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Do your own Wix SEO or, Hire an Wix SEO Expert

If you are not versed in SEO, check out my top SEO Hero Tips on my sister website, - you can learn a ton about SEO here. It really isn't rocket science. It's simply figuring out what people are searching for (relating to your website), and then writing tons of great, useful and unique content to answer their search queries. If you have more in-depth, useful information on a topic than any other website, there is a good chance you will climb to the top for the search terms you optimize your pages and content for. Want help? If you want a SEO Consultation, please contact us for a free estimate. We will research what people are searching for, and then optimize your website pages to be found for what you want to be found for. Then, we will also train you on how easy it is to add your own SEO content going forward to help build lots of doorways to your website for users to find on search engines. Happy Wixing! And don't fear the hype, Wix SEO IS totally legitimate, and if you use the platform to it's maximum SEO capabilities, your website can rise to the top of searches!


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