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Wix SEO: How to Optimize Pages & Images in Wix

Here I quickly walk a client through basic on-site Wix SEO tips on how to optimize images and the page SEO meta tags. Optimizing your images with Alt Text tells Google what the image is, and helps further identify the page for the keywords you want to be found for.

Each image should have a unique description, do not duplicate or stuff keywords, rather, be natural about. If I were to focus on a page that was all about being an icon designer, I would name the image "icon designer" and the second image I could name "icon Design" the third image could be "Icon Design for the Creative Process", etc etc. Each image title should be unique, just as each image is unique, but they can be variations of the same keyword terms. See the video for a quick walk-through of optimizing images in Wix for SEO:


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