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Wix SEO Hero Questions

SEO Hero Questions Answered

As a Wix Designer who specializes in Wix SEO, I recently was asked by to do a Facebook SEO Q&A session for their customers. Here are some of my top answers that I wanted to share!

SEO QUESTION: What are your top 5 tips for optimizing SEO?

A: My top 5 tips for SEO is: 1. Optimize your page titles with unique titles for every page 2. Make sure to incorporate well-searched terms in your page titles and in content. 3. Add Content to your site as often as you can, answer common customer questions, become the expert in the topic you want to be found for. Pick a niche! 4. Add lots of unique images (use unique, alt text with a good keyword phrase) and video content (use YouTube and link to your site from every video). 5. Think long term – your SEO is never done, keep adding good new content to your website regularly.

SEO QUESTION: How to make my website show up on the Google Map, and be in the top of the list in when people search for my organization?

To get your organization found when people search for it by name can be accomplished by adding title tags, alt text tags, and content on your page that include your organization name. To get onto the Google Maps (is that what you meant by Sat?), you will need to setup and verify a Google Business account and setup your location so that you can be found by local searchers.

SEO QUESTION: Could you share the differences between long-tail keywords vs short words in effective SEO? A: Long-tail keywords are longer search phrases, their length makes them more specific. Think "Where can I buy Hatch Chile Seeds" instead of just "seeds" or "hatch chile seeds". These are good to use to focus titles and content on pages, blog posts and/or products with long-tail keywords for more specific searches to get found.

SEO QUESTION: How can I update my text, as even after updating my pages, there are old keywords appearing in google searches ( eg landscape painter rather than painter) ?

A: Updated text will appear on Google once Google has re-crawled your website. To get Google to crawl your site more often, post new content to your blog, share links on social media, add a YouTube video and link it to your site. The more signals Google gets that link to your site, the more quickly they will re-index your new content.

SEO QUESTION: I've done the wix seo stuff, but my website still does not show up on the top search results or even near it. Clearly, I'm doing something wrong. What do I need to do in addition to what I've already done?

A: SEO is a long term, ongoing process. Completing the Wix SEO steps is just the beginning. To get to the top of search engines like Google, you have to keep building your website over time – focusing on creating new, in-depth content that is optimized for well-searched keyword search terms that you want to be found for. Depending on the competition for the terms you want to get found for, your website can take months to years to get to the top of Google, so be patient and diligent and keep adding more unique content, information, images and videos to your site. Use Social Media and other online forums to promote your content to help it get noticed by the search engines. SEO QUESTION: What programs/website would you recommend for keyword research? Is there a way to target a smaller area of a country for keyword research? In addition to the Wix SEO Wiz keyword research function, the tools below are ones I use in conjunction with each other to get first keyword ideas for SEO. I use to get ideas on keywords and phrases, and then use Google AdWords Keyword Planner tool to find out how many people are actually searching for those keyword phrase ideas. I also love Keywords Everywhere Google Chrome extension.

Google AdWords Keyword Planner This is a great tool where you can insert your keywords, and Google will tell you how many people search that keyword per month, PLUS it makes recommendations of other keywords you could use (for example, if you think people are searching for "denver furniture" – but there are a lot more people searching for "denver furniture store". This is a great tool to figure out what to write about on your website. You can also choose the areas (cities, states, countries) that you want to see local searches vs. worldwide searches. Note: these days you do have to pay at least $1 a month to see the full stats.


A fun long-tail keyword search tool so you can see what questions people are searching for around any keywords you specify.