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Wix SEO Discussion

I was honored to be part of the Wix round table SEO discussion today with Brett, Alissa and Moran from Wix. We covered a lot of great SEO tips for using Wix, including Wix's amazing new SEO Wiz tool that gives you lots of keyword suggestions and tips on how to optimize your website to be found in search engines like Google.

Wix websites do surprisingly well at SEO – in fact, my own Wix SEO Hero website that I entered into Wix's $50,000 contest is at #4 in Google right now, having competed with SEO companies and teams around the world on all different platforms! The fact that it has climbed to #4 is proof that Wix holds it's own and does VERY well with SEO – IF you do it right.

Why do Wix websites do so well with SEO? Well, now I know why – Wix has a dedicated SEO team who are always testing and researching Google and other search engines and how it indexes websites, and they use this knowledge to continue to improve the searchability of Wix websites. So when you have a Wix website, you have a team of SEO genius's behind you! And now, with the Wix Wiz tool, it also gives you lots of tips and tools to use to build your website to do well for the keywords you want to be found for.

Happy Wixing! Contact me if you have any SEO or Website Design needs »

Why Wix is good for SEO - Discussion


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