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Wix Review - 2018

I am amazed that advertising agencies, marketing people, SEO companies, and other large businesses still doubt that Wix is a professional website solution. With all the more widely-known platforms such as Wordpress, Squarespace, MoPro and others, often times people in these businesses – especially ad agencies – turn their nose up at Wix.

I've been asked recently by several clients: "Why don't people like Wix?"

My answer is that Wix in the past had a bad reputation for SEO and Mobile viewing. You see, when Wix first started, it used to be a Flash-based platform, which was NOT good for SEO or Mobile. Flash-based websites also became obsolete due to Mobile Smart Phones taking over a huge part of the web-surfing market. Flash is not compatible with mobile, so old Wix websites quickly became obsolete in a growing world of mobile users. However, Wix switched over to a HTML5 platform many years ago, and has make HUGE improvements to it's website editor platform over the past several years. In my opinion, it's now the BEST platform out there. I think a lot of old-school website designers and developers have not yet discovered or used Wix yet, and therefore most don't realize how far it's come over the past several years.

Wix is an Amazing Platform!

As a Website Designer having worked in the Website Design business for over 15 years, Wix is the first platform that I've seen that stands out high above the rest of the platforms. The editor is a WYSIWYG editor (what you see is what you get) – which means it's super easy for website designers li