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Wix Pop Up Lightbox – Settings & Deleting

As a Denver Website Designer working with a lot of clients on the Wix website designer platform, I occasionally get questions about Wix Pop Up boxes, or Wix Lightboxes (these are the same thing). The Wix platform offers Lightboxes which allow you to popup a box/image/form/text over any of your pages in Wix to prompt users with information or signup forms.

Here is a video to explain how you can edit or delete an existing Wix lightbox pop up:

To add a Wix Lightbox Pop Up to your site, you can find it under your + add tools on the left, see screenshot below:

How to add a Wix Lightbox Pop Up

Lightbox Pop Ups & Google / SEO – Be Careful!

I suggest NOT using popups to force people to stop and either subscribe or close the window, as this is now frowned upon by Google and can hurt your SEO and rankings in search engines. Google is now penalizing website rankings for unnecessary, intrusive popups. Make sure to follow Google's guidelines on popups – which means: don't be intrusive. AKA: don't block the entire screen with a popup that is simply asking the user to subscribe or with a sales pitch. Instead, Google recommends using popups only for verifying acceptance of cookies, age verification, or use a popup that doesn't block much of the screen. Basically, don't be annoying with your popups! Below are examples of what to do and what NOT to do.

Avoid these types of popups:

This type of popup is more acceptable to Google and will not be penalized: