What happened to Wix Phone Support?

As a Wix Website Designer, I have had a few new clients call me lately because they haven't been able to reach Wix Phone support. You used to be able to call and get a super helpful Wix tech support person on the line when you called, but this has changed in the past month. Below is the message that my clients and I always get now when we call the 1 (800) 600-0949 Wix Phone Support number: "Hello and thank you for calling Wix.com, to get immediate help, please visit Wix.com/contact on your desktop where you'll find instant answers to your most common questions. Calling from your mobile device? We'll text you that URL right now. If you're calling from a landline, remember it's wix.com/contact. If you don't find what you're looking for there, you can request a call-back with one of our Wix agents."


Don't fret! While it doesn't appear you can get ahold of anyone at Wix by calling directly, you CAN schedule a call-back from Wix using their online form, here is the direct link to the page with the call back scheduling form – you first will need to pick a topic to expand the Submit a Ticket & Talk to a Support Agent boxes: www.wix.com/contact/en

You can see where to find this in the screenshots below from www.wix.com/contact/en

– look through the questions/answers, but if you know you need to talk to someone as you've already looked and can't find the answer to your solution, you can schedule a call-back from Wix. Just click on "Get Help With a Different Problem" then click on "Contact Us" (or simply use my link above) and you'll get to the screen to schedule a call back (see lower below).

Hopefully Wix will continue their EXCELLENT phone support service going forward, I don't mind scheduling a call back, but this does seem to be buried and hard to find, which is why I wrote this post! Hopefully Wix will bring back the call-in support soon, but until then, you can submit a ticket or schedule a call-back from them at this link.

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