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Wix PDF Filenames

2024 Update:

There are a few ways to allow for PDF or image files to be downloaded from your Wix website by website viewers.

See the Wix Tutorial video below for options for downloads from Wix Websites:

With PDFs, the PDFs will download with your correct filename now in Wix. 

However, you cannot customize the document URL of the file, and it will have an encoded URL such as:

Once the user downloads the file, however, it will have the PDF filename you gave it. This also applies to Word files (.doc or .docx) and Excel files (.xls or .xlsx).

Customizing Document URLS:

This is still not available on Wix, however, there is a feature request for this ability, which I agree is needed, you can vote for it here: 

Download Images from Wix Websites: Image files download from Wix websites as .webp files with encoded filenames. If you want to link to an image they are going to have a filename like: 139de8_0979edafbaec4ece9d963d0a7409c05b~mv2.webp

To get around this issue with image downloads, you can use a Wix Pro Gallery that will allow you to change the settings to allow for downloads that WILL retain the filename for the end user. See the above video to see how it works.

Want to download images from your Wix website?

You can do this from your Wix Editor Media Library.

Learn how: How do I download all media from Wix »

As a Wix Designer, I am always on the lookout for new features on Wix that improve the user experience. Looking to hire a Wix Designer? Reach out for a free estimate »


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