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Wix PDF Filenames Fix

Wix Beta Opened: View & Download PDF Files via Domain on Wix While this is only in Beta right now (for Beta testers like Wix Designers like myself), this means it will be released to everyone soon. Not sure if you're in Beta? Try it using the instructions below and see if it works. Finally, yay! See example below of a altered URL that is at my domain, and once loaded in the browser, it retains the original filename I named the PDF:

You can now create direct links to files/pdfs within your domain on Wix!

While this is still in BETA and it is not a super seamless solution yet, Wix said that the final release will automatically use your domain so basically you will need to do nothing but upload and link to the PDF in the editor. So hopefully that means that our PDF filenames on Wix websites will automatically be shown at the Domain, and will retain the filenames. Great news for sure.

But for now, here's a Beta workaround to have PDFs on your website that retain the filename and are at your URL instead of the messy-junky looking cryptic long Wix URL. This only works if you're a Wix Partner and are in the Beta program. This also fixes the filename to the end user –the link is still a tad messy and long, but at least it's at your domain and when the PDF loads, it retains the filename you specified.

Here's how (see screenshot below to find the Copy Url link for your PDF files):

  1. Open the media tab and expand by clicking on “Show More”.

  2. Right click on the file you want and click “Copy URL”.

  3. Copy the last 2 parts of the URL (the filename and the path), it should look like: /ugd/eb284d_e47ea942ff9d44fc8b813f22f6337a52.pdf

  4. Add "/_files/" so it looks like: /_files/ugd/eb284d_e47ea942ff9d44fc8b813f22f6337a52.pdf

  5. Paste this string after your domain so that it looks like:

  6. Embed this link wherever you want (buttons, text links, menu links)

Once the PDF loads in the browser window, it will display it's correct filename. When users download the file, it will also retain your filename. No more gibberish PDF file downloads! So glad this feature is finally being a released. It's a big deal to my clients to be able to have PDF downloads that download with recognizable filenames and PDF links that are at the domain of the site. This new feature will make PDF downloads on any Wix website much more professional. Way to go Wix! Hope it's released to everyone soon.

This Beta tester directions were found on the Wix Partner Community site here:

As a Wix Designer, I am always on the lookout for new features on Wix that improve the user experience. This is a big one, and I'm happy to share! Looking to hire a Wix Designer? Reach out for a free estimate »


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