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Wix Mobile Optimization

As a Wix Website Designer, I get a lot of questions from other designers and clients, here's a recent question about Wix Mobile Optimization:

“Is there any way around pretty much starting from scratch when you switch to Mobile view? Feels like Wix doesn't provide any common sense arrangement or re-sizing for you, which means you pretty much have to make the whole site twice?” Answer: Yes, you mostly do have to redesign each Wix webpage for mobile, although not entirely. Wix does have an “Page Layout Optimizer” on the mobile view at the bottom of the left-hand side toolbar, as seen below. But, while it works to some degree, this tool is rudimentary, and I typically will use it first, and then work through the page to resize and move things/hide elements as desired to make it cleaner. Remember, robots aren’t designers! The Page Layout Optimizer helps, but it limited and cleaning it up with your designer eye is best for each page. The header and footer will remain the same from page to page in mobile, so you only need to edit them once. Then, you can work through the page content on each page to make sure it looks as best as possible on mobile.