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Wix Image Button - Hoverboxes

If you want to add a Wix Image Button to your Wix website, watch teh video below to show you how to add an interactive Hoverbox in Wix, using images, text and buttons to link to other pages. Hoverboxes are a nice way to add some animation and interactivity to your Wix website. I do caution that these hoverboxes and animation can slow load time a tad, so use them sparingly. But they can be a nice elegant and visual way to present content or links.

Mobile Hoverboxes in Wix: Also, note that hoverboxes do not work on Mobile phones, as you can't "hover" over elements on phones like you can with a mouse cursor on desktops and laptops. On phones, you can choose to display the regular or hover version of your hoverbox.

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