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Wix Forms - Email Notifications Options

Wix Forms - Email Notifications Options

Wix recently released a new feature to fix an issue with the Wix Forms Email Notifications – my clients also were confused by the Respond Now going thru Ascend and also that you can't just reply to the email notifications in your email software. I talked with Wix and they worked on a solution!

Not sure if this is released to all Wix sites yet, but these new Email Notifications options are a nice feature to have! See screenshot above.

To avoid using the Ascend Inbox and the ability to reply directly to Wix Forms' email notifications so that it goes directly to the user, you can now choose "Other Emails" option under Email Notifications which will allow users to reply directly to the email notifications to go to the user (instead of through Ascend). You can still have the submission table for backup, so that's good.

Thanks, Wix!


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