High Resolution Wix Favicons

Are your Wix website's icons showing up blurry on iPhones, Droids or other mobile devices? As a Wix Designer, I have learned some tricks over the years on how to make your Wix website better. Here's one tip for making your website favicon looks good on mobile phones.

High Resolution Favicon on Wix - insert code in Tracking & Analytics

In addition to adding a Favicon to your Wix website, there is also a way to make sure that your Wix website design uses a high resolution icon on iPhones, Droids, and other devices. Just uploading a high resolution PNG or JPG (800x800px), using Wix's Favicon setting is not enough – you also need to add some Meta Tag code to tell devices where to find the high resolution icon in the Wix Editor.

Here is how it is done, below:

1. Open your Site Editor, then click on Settings at the top of the Editor, and choose "Tracking & Analytics"

2. Click on New Tool then click on Custom (See screenshots at the bottom of this post for more details on where to find this and where to put code.) Enter the following code under Header Code - Meta Tags:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="180x180" href="CHANGE_THIS_TO_IMAGE_FULL_URL.png" />

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="CHANGE_THIS_TO_IMAGE_FULL_URL.png" sizes="192x192">

*Note: You DO need to replace the above image URL in the quotation marks.

3. Click "Apply" and Publish site for it to go live.

*How do you find your Wix image's URL?

High Resolution Favicon on Wix -where to find Image URL

The image URL from step 3 must be from an image that is hosted at Wix. You can upload your 800x800 PNG file then use the media library browser to find your image, then rollover the enlarge icon and then right click on the image to copy the image URL, and replace the URL in the above code with your specific image's URL. Or, you can also place the image on your site, open the Live site, and then right-click on the image and choose "Copy image address" or "Copy image Location" to get the image's URL. See this example below of what a typical image URL from Wix looks like:


Add the customized code to your meta tags in the SEO settings of your Wix website Site Manager, and then make sure to PUBLISH to apply the changes and this will make it so that your website favicon shows up in high resolution on devices.

See below screenshots on where to find the Tracking & Analytics so you can add Custom Code to your Wix website header:

Find the Custom code tool under + New Tool:

High Resolution Favicon on Wix - Where to insert code

Enter the high resolution Wix Favicon code here:

High Resolution Favicon on Wix - where to insert code

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