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High Resolution Wix Favicons

Are your Wix website's icons showing up blurry on iPhones, Droids or other mobile devices? As a Wix Website Designer, I have learned some tricks over the years on how to make your Wix website better. Here's one tip for making your website favicon looks good on mobile phones.

In addition to adding a Favicon to your Wix website, there is also a way to make sure that your Wix website design uses a high resolution icon on iPhones, Droids, and other devices. Just uploading a high resolution PNG or JPG (800x800px), using Wix's Favicon setting is not enough – you also need to add some Meta Tag code to tell devices where to find the high resolution icon in the Wix Editor.

Here is how to add a High Resolution Favicon to Wix Websites: (updated Oct 2021)

1a. First, upload a photo to your Wix media library so you have an image URL of your high resolution Favicon to use in the custom code. See *** note below for more details.

1b. Open your Wix Dashboard (login to, then select your website (if you have multiple sites). Once you have a website selected, you should see a lefthand menu, click on Settings near the bottom of the menu. See screenshot below and video below.

High Resolution Favicon on Wix - insert code in Tracking & Analytics

Here's the video to show you where to find the Custom Code area:

2. In Settings, scroll down to see the Advanced box, and click on Custom Code and click on the small right arrow on the right to open.

3. Click on Add Custom Code

This will launch a window with your Code Settings:

Enter the following code:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" sizes="180x180" href="CHANGE_THIS_TO_IMAGE_FULL_URL.png" />

<link rel="icon" type="image/png" href="CHANGE_THIS_TO_IMAGE_FULL_URL.png" sizes="192x192">