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Wix Expert Cost

Wix Expert Cost

I am a Wix Expert, having designed 100s of Wix websites over the years. My Wix Expert Costs vary, typically my Wix website design project rates range from $1500-$3000+ (includes 20-40+ hours) depending on the needs.

Wix Web Designer Cost: $1500-$3000+

The cost depends on the total number of pages, if ecommerce, payment forms, custom forms, booking functionality and/or customization is needed, if SEO (search engine optimization) is needed, etc. I also can design custom forms for collecting customer information or requests, with file uploads, payments or other custom needs.

If you have a specific budget in mind, I can definitely work on what we can do within your budget.

My Wix Expert Designer Packages include the design of multiple concepts, working with you to polish the chosen design, designing and building out all the subpages, creating mobile friendly pages, blog installation, and training on how you can use and edit the website going forward if desired. I also offer SEO packages (search engine optimization, to help your website get found online) and Graphic Design, Catalog Design, Infographic Design and Logo Design if needed.

View some of my recent website design projects here:

Let me know if you’d like to talk more about your specific needs and I can put together an exact estimate. Fill out my online contact form, or feel free to call me at 720.260.3541.

Note: I am not an employee of Wix, but I do work in the Wix website platform and am a Wix Expert. I also work in other platforms for website design, including Wordpress and Shopify. I can recommend the best platform for your needs, I find that Wix is a great platform for 90% of my clients' website needs.


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Karen Hawkins
Karen Hawkins
09 mar 2021

Nice content, thank you! I will contact you soon.

Mi piace

Reach out with questions or for a free design estimate:

As a website designer and graphic designer, I love sharing great tips and tools that make designing easier. As part of my website design services, I train clients on how to update their websites or to do their own SEO (search engine optimization), so I post many of these tips for my clients to train them how to use Wix and other tools to keep their website up-to-date. Keeping websites current is the best way to get found and to keep people coming back to your website. 

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