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Wix Designer Tips – Mobile Editing

Wix has a great mobile layout editor in the Wix editor that allows you to easily move around elements and/or resize or hide elements in the mobile view.

This video shows some of my Wix Designer tips on how to select items, size items consistently, and move items around easily in the Wix mobile layout editor.

Here are some examples of what Wix Designer tips I cover in this video:

Use Coordinates: I like to use the Coordinates in the Tools panel to move things around vertically, which is especially helpful if you have a really long page.

Use Click, Drag & Select: To easily select items or multiple items, you can click and drag the blue selection box to quickly select items in both the mobile and the desktop editor in Wix.

Be Consistent:

Use the W (width) and H (height) size numbers in the Tool bar to size buttons consistently, or make sure your objects like page titles are always in the same exact spot from page to page.