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Wix Designer Tip – Show Wix Website Concepts without Wix Branding

As a Wix Website Designer in Denver, I often design several concepts for my clients in Wix. I love that Wix has a free trial so I can build multiple concepts for free for my clients to view, then finalize and purchase a Wix premium plan once the website design is finalized. The downside to the free trial is that when viewing the websites, there is Wix branding at the top and bottom of the pages in the free trial mode.

The solution to removing the Wix branding on these free trials? If you have a Wix Expert Account, you can show customers your Wix website design concepts without the Wix branding that shows up in the top and bottom. This is using the "Get Feedback" feature that allows you to send a special link to clients who can view the concepts without the Wix branding, PLUS they can also post their comments and add notes to the design to help you finalize the design.

To use this non-branded "Get Feedback" viewing feature, you must have an Expert Account – learn more about Wix Expert Accounts and how you can get one here »