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Wix Designer Tip: Does the Wix Editor work on Microsoft Surface Go?

Does Wix work on a Microsoft Surface Go?

Does the Wix Editor work on Microsoft Surface Go?

The short answer is Yes! The Wix Website Editor works fine in the Chrome Browser on Microsoft Surface Go tablet computers.

The Long Answer is still Yes: But I had to switch the Surface to Windows 10 Home from the S Mode, in order to install Chrome which runs the Wix Editor better. Microsoft's default browser, Edge, takes an exceptionally long time to load the editor, so it doesn't seem ideal.

I also had to install updates to speed up the overall system, as it was very slow out of the box.

Here's the full story and directions if you buy a Microsoft Surface Go and you wan to use it with the Wix Editor:

When I first turned on my Microsoft Surface Go out of the box, I found that I couldn't get Edge, the default browser on my Microsoft Surface Go, to load the Wix Website Editor right out of the box, when I clicked "Edit Site" from my Wix Dashboard it just loaded a blank screen when I launched the editor.

So then I tried to install Chrome to see if it would load in Chrome, but then hit a wall. When I downloaded Chrome using the Edge browser it, it wouldn't let me install and gave me a "For security and performance, Windows 10 S only runs verified apps. Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser designed for Windows 10 S. Still want to install apps from outside the Store? See how »"

Darn it.

I clicked on See How but didn't really get anywhere, so I scheduled a call back fr