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Wix Designer Tip: Does the Wix Editor work on Microsoft Surface Go?

Does Wix work on a Microsoft Surface Go?

Does the Wix Editor work on Microsoft Surface Go?

The short answer is Yes! The Wix Website Editor works fine in the Chrome Browser on Microsoft Surface Go tablet computers.

The Long Answer is still Yes: But I had to switch the Surface to Windows 10 Home from the S Mode, in order to install Chrome which runs the Wix Editor better. Microsoft's default browser, Edge, takes an exceptionally long time to load the editor, so it doesn't seem ideal.

I also had to install updates to speed up the overall system, as it was very slow out of the box.

Here's the full story and directions if you buy a Microsoft Surface Go and you wan to use it with the Wix Editor:

When I first turned on my Microsoft Surface Go out of the box, I found that I couldn't get Edge, the default browser on my Microsoft Surface Go, to load the Wix Website Editor right out of the box, when I clicked "Edit Site" from my Wix Dashboard it just loaded a blank screen when I launched the editor.

So then I tried to install Chrome to see if it would load in Chrome, but then hit a wall. When I downloaded Chrome using the Edge browser it, it wouldn't let me install and gave me a "For security and performance, Windows 10 S only runs verified apps. Microsoft Edge is the faster, safer browser designed for Windows 10 S. Still want to install apps from outside the Store? See how »"

Darn it.

I clicked on See How but didn't really get anywhere, so I scheduled a call back from Microsoft, they called me instantly and I was talking to someone within a minute – a nice MS support guy (Fernando M.) living in Nicaragua, who was very helpful and spent a lot of time on the phone with me. He said I needed to take it out of Microsoft 10 "S mode" so that I could install more applications, and that the S Mode is basically a "Safe mode" that doesn't allow for anything to be installed (good for kids). He also advised me to install any Updates under Security & Updates found under Settings (Accessed via the Gear icon in the Windows icon menu popup found in lower left).

So, I installed the updates, which took 20 minutes or so and the Microsoft tech guy waited all the while, I said I could hang up and schedule a call back if needed, but he said he was happy to stay on to make sure all my questions were answered and that I could get onto the Wix editor.

Note: The Microsoft Surface Go comes pre-installed with Windows 10 S mode (safe mode). This mode locks installation of apps only from the Microsoft Store versus downloading potentially dangerous .exe apps via a web browser.

What does this mean? You can’t download and install Chrome in the S mode.

But, the Microsoft IT guy told me it was no problem to turn the S mode off. Surface Go: How to switch out of Windows 10 in S mode (so you can install Firefox or Chrome to use with the Wix Editor)

Switch Windows 10 Home in S mode to Windows 10 Home

Caution: If you do switch Windows 10 in S mode to just Windows 10 Home the process is one way. There is no easy way to get back – you can only re-install the factory OS, which requires a USB drive, and several steps – and you lose all your data!

Switching from Windows 10 S mode to Windows 10 Home mode is free, here's how:

To switch to Windows Home Mode from S Mode:

  1. Click the Start button located at the bottom left of your screen.

  2. Select Settings gear icon, located just above the power icon on the Start menu in lower left.

  3. Select Update & Security in the Settings app.

  4. Select Activation, and then select Go to Store.

  5. Select the Get option.

  6. Click on Install when ready to proceed.

  7. The switch out of S mode just takes a few seconds, and you don't need to restart.

  8. Now you can install Google Chrome or any other software desired!

Once I loaded Chrome, and tried relaunching the Wix Website Editor, it worked! I was able to make some changes, and publish the site, no problem. Great! Now I have a great little tablet to take to client meetings to show them how the wonderful Wix Editor works. Lovely.

As a Wix Designer, I love showing and training people on the Wix Editor – it's such a great website builder platform! Now I can once again show them at meetings without having to have a full laptop or desktop available. Perfect!


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