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Wix Designer Tip: Adding Verification Codes to your Wix Website

As a Wix Designer, I sometimes get these type of questions from my clients: "Pinterest is asking me to claim my website in order to be able to add tags on my items. I have to either add a html tag or upload html file. I'm not sure where I should place either of them in Wix. If a paste the tag into the "head"section of my index file, where should I place it?"


"Where can I put my Google Adwords Verification code on my Wix website?"

I usually do this for my clients if working on their website design, but I wanted to share how simple it is with Wix to add these codes to your Wix website. If you want to verify your Wix website with Google Analytics, Bing, or claim your website on Pinterest or other social media, this video above shows where you can find the Tracking & Analytics area where you can insert the code into the header of your Wix website. Or, just follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Login to,

  2. Go to your Wix Editor

  3. In the Wix Editor, in the top menu, find Settings > Tracking & Analytics In this Tracking & Analytics panel you can add Tools to add new header verification codes to your Wix website.

Social Media share image In this video I also show you where to add your Social Media share image (make sure to keep it at 16 x 9 dimensions, for example, 1200 X 630 pixels is an ideal high resolution size that Facebook recommends.


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