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Wix Designer Tip: Add Links to your Blog Posts

As a Wix Designer, I get a lot of simple questions that have easy answers from my clients. Here's another quick tip on how you can add text links and also link your images in your blog posts in the Wix blog. All you need to do is highlight the text to link, then use the little link icon that appears in the editor tools (looks like a chain link) and then select where you want it to link to. If you want to link an image in your Wix blog, simply select the image, then use the link tool to add a link to the image. The more links you have on your blog posts, the better, as it helps guide readers to other pages on your website to learn more. Watch the video above to see how easy this is. Note: this tutorial is for the old Wix blog, which has better linking functionality, the new Wix blog doesn't allow for selecting pages to link to.... yet... we hope they add that functionality to the new blog soon! I still use the old Wix blog for all of my Website Design clients as it has better features than the new blog. Here is how you can add the old Wix blog to your website »